One of the most exciting times at a wedding is the introduction of the new couple at the reception. How do you want to be introduced? How do you want to enter the room? You are the stars of the evening and you’ll want your DJ to work with you to determine just how you want that introduction to flow.

Make sure your DJ understands your titles if appropriate. If one spouse or the other has a formal title, such as a doctoral degree, military rank, judge’s position or ministry position, it is important to use it in the introduction. Examples include:

  • Mr. Dave and Dr. Linda Johnson
  • Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Tom Smith
  • The Honorable and Mrs. Samuel Longman
  • Reverend and Mrs. Benjamin O’Brien

You can be introduced using just the husband’s first name or also using the wife’s first name. Just make sure your wishes are clear.

You can have some fun with it, too… like with our great couple here!

Fun Intro 2

Fun Intro with silly socks

Fun Intro


18582473 Microphones for your on site ceremony??
This year about half of the weddings we will DJ/MC at will have their ceremony at their function hall. One question the “on site ceremony” Bride and Groom will want to ask themselves is, should we use microphones for the ceremony? If your ceremony is in a private garden with little to no wind and your guest count is under 50, microphones are probably not necessary. If you decide to amplify your Ceremony I recommend up to 3 microphones. First, a lapel mic on your Justice of the Peace or Minister will ensure your guests follow along with your ceremony and don’t get bored wondering what’s happening. Second, a lapel mic on the Groom will pick up the Bride and Grooms vows keeping all wedding guests in on the intimacy of the newlywed’s commitment to each other. Finally a wireless hand held mic on a stand can be used if there are any readings, poems, songs, or words to be spoken by anyone other than the officiant, Bride and Groom. Having said that…for some people, shyness about having their voice heard over a microphone can be issue, if you feel that being mic’d is going to make you nervous or worse then just pass on the mic’s . Your comfort and happiness should come first, your guests will understand.

Bridal Shows are a great way to find your Wedding Professionals! Although Bridal Shows of the Past were only held in January Febrary and March, these days they are held all throughout the year with the Biggest Shows in New England being held in January. Cakes, Limousines, Wedding Gowns, Photographers, Videographers, Florists, Wedding Entertainment Companies and more are available on hand to discuss your Special Day. Main Event Entertainment,LLC attends about 25 Bridal Shows each year and the number is climbing as we grow. We are honored to be the DJ and MC at most of the bridal shows we attend. Being the DJ/MC of a bridal show gives us a chance to showcase our interactive skills by getting the crowd motivated and often up and dancing right at the show. Brides and Grooms to be have a great opportunity to talk with our DJs, sharing their ideas and dreams of their wedding day. We usually have our Photobooth and Uplighting available as well to view and test.To find out which Bridal Shows we will be at go to our website the dates and locations are always posted and usually have a link to the registration page.

                               Main Event Entertainment,LLC’s Photobooth


          Photobooth brings a whole new level of fun to your event! Our Photobooth has a crisp, clean look with optional props, costumes and a beautifully organized custom scrapbook with handwritten messages from your guests

           I saw my first Photobooth at a Wedding Reception in June of 2010, the guests were having a blast, I knew that in no time Brides would be calling to ask if Main Event Entertainment had a Photobooth available for their wedding. In February of 2011 I went to the DJ Expo in Las Vegas to find the perfect Photobooth to add to our list of services. After testing and trying several different Photobooths along with asking lots of questions about quality and durability I became fully educated on the topic and we ordered our first Potobooth which first became available to our clients in June of 2011.

          Props & Costumes are available for the clients that like the crazier pictures.Mix and match our props to look as crazy as you like or go with a theme and Dress up like a pirate complete with pirate hat, sword and eyepatch… or a cop with hat, badge and gun, our colored fluffy boas and Lady GaGa style sunglasses are always a hit with the ladies! Our dress up props are all costume shop quality and not from a party store, we present them on a well set table for your guests to peruse and choose from, we sanitize all props before and after every event so you won’t catch someone elses cold.


           Choose to add the Monogramed, Color themed Photo Guest Book option to your event and you will leave with a scrapbook of the photos taken along with handwritten personal messages from your guests next to their pictures. Whether it be “Best Wishes!”, a heartwarming message, goofy joke, or a funny “remember when”, your scrapbook will be the perfect keepsake of your special event. Our attendants put the scrapbook together as your event happens keeping it uniform and looking nice. Image

       Each 4 photo strip that comes out of our Photobooth will have Your names on the top of the strip and the date of your Wedding or Special Event at the bottom, in the customized color of your choice.

       Inside the Photobooth your guests decide if they want their pictures in color or black and white by pushing a button, Our friendly Photobooth attendants are always present to guide your shy or nervous guests with costuming or operation. Grab some friends and hop into Main Event Entertainment’s Photobooth! Let the fun begin!


IMAG0209 Meet the DJ night is a fun casual way to speak with and get to know our Award Winning DJ’s in a pressure free non-selling enviroment. Meet the DJ night is held at our Office in Londonderry N.H. one weeknight per week 7pm – 9pm in January, February and March. Like many Entertainment Companies we offer video demos of our DJ/Entertainers for Brides and Grooms to view. The difference at Main Event Entertainment is we will email the full videos and pricing to you so that you can watch and review them in the comfort of your own home, if you like what you see you will call us. Some DJ/Entertainment companies make you go to their office and sequester you in a room to watch their full videos giving them a chance to pressure and sell you on their product. (think sleazy used car Salesman) At Main Event Entertainment we believe that in order for you to truly find your perfect DJ/Entertainer you should take the time and decide for yourself, not be pressured by a salesman.
Even after watching videos before booking you should meet your potential DJ in person to get a feel of who they really are, interview them, grill them, its your wedding, don’t hold back! Does your personality gel with theirs? Do you get a sense this is the same personality you saw in a video demo?
After viewing our video demos and price list in the comfort of your own home, sign up to attend one of our Meet the DJ Nights, you will have fun, you will meet some great DJs, you will get educated, you will not be pressured, you will not be asked to book a DJ. If you are still shopping elsewhere but really like on of our DJs we will put that DJ on hold for you for a week with no pressure or annoying phone calls, if you decide to book our DJ all you have to do is call us. Meet the DJ Nights are scheduled on our website
I hope to see you there! ~ Joey Dion

        Theresa and Greg DeCloux had their wedding reception November 23rd at Fratellos in Manchester NH, when I got interviewed by the couple to be their Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies, the groom jokingly mentioned that he doesn’t dance and there would be no first dance as husband and wife. At Fratellos in Manchester NH he told the Banquest Sales person Loretta DeMarco the same thing. Loretta told the couple all about their new learn to dance program for Brides and Grooms that are booked at Fratellos. Amy, a server at Fratellos and also a great dance instructor took Terry and Greg under her wing and taught them a choreographed first dance. The wedding guests were on their feet as the Bride and Groom made their grand entrance to the center of the dance floor, when their First Dance song ‘The Way That I Am” started Terry looked beautiful and Greg looked confident, the crowd was quiet for a moment…soon friends of Greg were in disbelief of what they were seeing, Greg and Terry’s twists and turns got the crowd clapping and hollering, no one sat down…the room got louder and louder finally erupting in applause as Greg dipped and kissed Terry ending their first dance as husband and wife! The DJ got goosebumps. Later in the evening Greg danced with his mother to ‘Close to You’ by the Carpenters, again Greg impressed his guests on the dance floor with a dance designed for the song. Great Job Terry and Greg DeCloux and also a great job to Fratellos in Manchester NH for taking the time to fill their clients needs and making us all look real good!

A recent episode of Four Weddings was about Brides in the Boston Massachusetts area. One of the couples chosen to compete for the grand prize of a Honeymoon Vacation in Costa Rica was Lydia and Jose Rosario from New Hampshire. Lydia and Jose used Main Event Entertaimnent for their DJ/MC, Justice of the Peace, Photobooth and Uplighting with monogram projection. They Chose our DJ Albin Vasquez, Albin had the dance floor packed all night and mixed in some Spanish music for the guests! Jacqui Dion our Justice of the Peace (by far the best ceremony on the show) made us very proud. The Photo booth was busy all night our guest book attendants Chelsea Ramalho and Kassie Tenney were friendly and helpful as always when the guests took some of the props to the dance floor raising the roof! The blue uplighting made the Atkinson Country Club look Awesome as Jose and Lydia’s names were projected on the big wall for the entire celebration. At the end of the show the winning couple with the best wedding won and the winners are……….LYDIA AND JOSE ROSARIO!!!!! All of us here at Main Event Entertainment Congratulate Lydia and Jose on being the winners of the show and are proud to have been a big part of their Wedding Day! You can watch the show at this link :          We also thank Nicolette Burns and Atkinson Country Club for putting on a great party the night of the Show for all of the Vendors including the Photogaphers and Videographers from NH Images and Florist Suzanne’s weddings. Here is a pic from the party right after the show finished and the Winners were announced…….    pic left to right Joey Dion, Albin Vasquez, Lydia Rosario, Jose Rosario, Kristin Dion.


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